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Zero to Hero

Your pathway to a rewarding career

This program is developed for the candidate who is looking to fast - track their way to an aviation career. Earn your private pilot through commercial pilot certificate in an intense, fast - paced program that is designed to help you earn your certificate as quickly as possible. Through this course, you can plan to fly 2 flights per day.

Course includes: 250 Hours of flight time with the option to add CFI and CFII


Private Pilot

Your license to freedom

Earn your private pilot certificate and take control of your destination.

FAA Minimum Requirements: Be at least 17 years of age, obtain a third class medical and log 40 hours of flight training.

Instrument Rating

Get your head in the clouds

Learn to safely and confidently navigate your aircraft in less than ideal flight conditions with one of our competent Instrument Flight Instructors

FAA Minimum Requirements: Private Pilot Certificate, 50 hours of cross country flight time, 40 hours of instrument training (20 of which must be with an instrument instructor)

Commercial Pilot

The sky's the limit

Jump - start your professional pilot career by earning your commercial pilot certificate with us! Learn what it takes to become a career pilot in the challenging Alaskan environment.

FAA Minimum Requirements: 250 hours total flight time, 100 hours of pilot in command, 50 hours cross country and 20 hours of training specific to this certificate.

Flight Instructor
Teach to Reach

Experience the challenges and rewards of aviation. Share your love for flying with others while reaching your goals, building time and getting paid. 

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Professional Pilot Program

Jump start your career with 257 flight hours. Includes private, instrument, commercial single - engine and multi - engine.

Traditional pilot training

Want to learn to fly, but need a more flexible schedule? We have instructors who are willing and able to meet with you on a schedule that works for you!

refresher courses

Time to stretch those wings and shake the dust off. Call us today to see how we can help you get back into the cockpit! We also offer flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks.

mountain flying & off - airport

Learn first - hand tips, tricks and techniques used to safely and confidently work off - airport with your aircraft.